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The ongoing bike-car wars

I was out for a bike ride today, and was on a 2-lane road with no shoulder and fairly high speed (45 mph). It’s not the kind of road that I like riding on, but it’s the only way for me to get from Point A to Point B. Then a yahoo in a pick-em-up […]

Hybrid cars and gasoline prices

It has been suggested by a commenter that I am only qualified to comment on hybrid cars and gasoline prices. Being a cell biologist, I’m not quite certain that that is truly my area of expertise, but I am a hybrid owner (although my preferred means of transportation involves two wheels and two pedals), and […]

The irony of embassy storming

The storming of embassies and tossing of Molotov Cocktails does far more to denigrate an entire religion than a ridiculous hack job film by a bunch of right wing zealots ever could. But the irony seems lost.

Abstinence-only only abstains from working

Two parents are suing a school district in California over its abstinence-only-based sex-ed curriculum. Good for them–I hope their lawsuit succeeds. Most of us would like our children to make smart decisions about sex. Children–teenagers in particular–do dumb things all the time, and the consequences of sex without forethought can be life-altering, or life-ending. Since […]

The confusing state of exercise physiology research

A recent study in the BMJ (popular news coverage here) suggests that much of the research on the purported benefits of sports drinks is of poor quality, and very little of it is independently performed. This is obviously not a surprise given the vast amount of money involved in the sports beverage industry and their […]

Welcome to my blog

After professing for years that blogs were only maintained by semi-literates with nothing useful to say (which may very well yet be true) I’ve decided to create my own, and empirically test whether I have anything to say that is of interest to anyone outside my own little realm (although the n = 1 value […]

Executives in the hands of an angry god

A news tidbit today on the death of a VP of PR for Chick-Fil-A We can of course interpret this as a sign that God is displeased with Chick-Fil-A’s corporate stance against gay marriage, and is choosing to exact his punishment. Of course I’m being facetious here (I state this so that no one falls […]