The ongoing bike-car wars

I was out for a bike ride today, and was on a 2-lane road with no shoulder and fairly high speed (45 mph). It’s not the kind of road that I like riding on, but it’s the only way for me to get from Point A to Point B.

Then a yahoo in a pick-em-up truck passed me and yelled out “Ride on a bike trail!” Um, there is no bike trail there. If there were, I’d be happy to ride on it. I’d be happy to ride on a shoulder too, if only there were one. I was riding as far to the right as possible, and traffic was not terribly heavy, so I might have held the guy up by 10 seconds or so.

Then he turned off the road in front of me, into a residence with a number of pro-Republican signs. So my guess is that he’s unwilling to pay the taxes necessary to fund the improvement of infrastructure, including bike trails. So the guy yells at me without stopping to think for a minute about the underlying cause of the problem. It’s that kind of “thinking” that underlies the dysfunctionality of our democracy.

What’s more, I didn’t even hold him up much. He’d probably have used the extra 10 seconds of his life trolling the internets for porn.

Sadly, folks like him are allowed to vote.


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