Evidence of pathological lying from the marathon man

Paul Ryan claimed in an interview that he ran a marathon under 3 hours. Then he got called on it (by, among others, his own family).

One does not run a 4:01:25 marathon and then remember having run it under 3 hours. I know my times in every significant race I’ve run, and the vast majority of endurance athletes are just as neurotic about it as I am. Even accounting for 20-some years of memory lapse (he ran the race when he was 20), that’s simply not the kind of thing someone forgets.

I suspect this statement was evidence of someone completely at ease with lying.



  1. Yes, Pearlman got this one right (he’s apparently gained at least a little bit of level-headedness from his incendiary UD days). Or, to be more accurate, anyone who has ever considered him or herself to be a runner knows PR was full of shite when he claimed to have simply been mistaken.

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