Monthly Archives: September 2012

I will choose…free will???

I just finished reading Free Will by Sam Harris. (quickest. read. ever.) In it, Harris makes the argument that free will is an illusion. Despite my best efforts, I can’t help but agree with him. Free will must be an illusion. Thinking about whether we have free will is a bit like thinking about time […]

The irony of embassy storming

The storming of embassies and tossing of Molotov Cocktails does far more to denigrate an entire religion than a ridiculous hack job film by a bunch of right wing zealots ever could. But the irony seems lost.

Evidence of pathological lying from the marathon man

Paul Ryan claimed in an interview that he ran a marathon under 3 hours. Then he got called on it (by, among others, his own family). One does not run a 4:01:25 marathon and then remember having run it under 3 hours. I know my times in every significant race I’ve run, and the vast […]

Going organic

I was a bit surprised to read this article on CNN about the supposed pluses and minuses of buying organic produce. I quote: Jen Matlack’s husband teases her about buying organic. It’s not worth the extra money, he says, but she insists. A new study promises to add fuel to their marital quarrel. Published Monday […]