Swiftboating ad absurdum

Mitt Romney is saying the poor and sick would be better off under his presidency than Obama’s. That is laughably absurd. Romney/Ryan want to gut spending on government programs that benefit the poor so that they can fund a tax break to the very rich. They rely on the trickle down effect of supply side economics that has been thoroughly discredited by history. They want to replace Medicare with a privately run system, which will leave the elderly at the mercy of the free market. There is absolutely no way that Romney can make a credible, truthful claim that the poor would be better off under him.

Swiftboating is using someone’s own strength against him–John Kerry’s war record, Romney’s time at Bain, Obama’s ordering of the bin Laden raid. Swiftboating always involves passing off half-truths (at best) to a gullible public. But this claim by Romney is simply a bald-faced lie, to the point that it is not now merely swiftboating, it is pure Orwellian doublethink. Romney is asking the public to hold a position in their minds that is completely at odds with reality, tune out the cognitive dissonance, and believe that, indeed, 2+2=5.

And, sadly, because the media simply parrot’s each candidate’s talking points to an ignorant public, many in the electorate will do just that.


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