Noah’s Ark? Seriously???

Where on earth to start dissecting this?

So former Baywatch actress Donna D’Errico has decided it is a lifelong dream to search for Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat, and has injured herself in the process, and has vowed to keep pressing on.

As humans, perhaps we are all drawn to quixotic quests from time to time. But chasing after myths, legends, and fables should have been left to 16th century minds.

Never mind that the amount of water vapor that the atmosphere would need to hold to submerge the earth in rain above the tallest mountains would have poached all life on earth like a pressure cooker

Never mind that to maintain one pair of every clean animal species, and seven pairs of every clean one, plus food, space to move around, etc., even assuming that all “bears”, say, were represented by a mere two bears, would have required a boat bigger than an aircraft carrier.

Never mind a global flood killing off all the vegetation on earth, not to mention all the fish that can’t handle living in water of altered salinity.

Never mind that the pitching of the seas in such a vast stormy ocean would have torn a Bronze Age wooden vessel to shreds.

Never mind that the biogeographical distribution of species is completely inconsistent with mass migration from a single point.

Never mind that there is no evidence for the existence of a worldwide flood.

Never mind that Mt. Ararat is a tricky and treacherous climb for even experienced mountaineers/hikers, and she has already injured herself.

Never mind that other Biblical literalists have also scoured Ararat over the years and found nothing.

Despite all that, she’s going to press on.

Reminds me a bit of the snake handler who watched his father die of a snake bit, and ultimately met the same fate himself.

Ah, what feats of illogic the human mind is capable of.


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